No Equipment? No problem Workout at Home in 12 min – HIIT

Not everyone has time or the equipment to workout at home. As an Expat dad either working from home during the stay at home order in Michigan. Or traveling to Mexico or back to Argentina, I had to find some other resources just to make sure I stay active and fit!

The one below has become handy in a few situations and is one of my favorites so far from With this one you can rock your whole body as a high intensity interval training

Make sure you have a timer with you. One minute to do the move and the remainder of it to rest until the next minute !

The faster you hit your reps the more you rest. In 12 minutes you’ll be done

Minute 1 – 15 air squats

Minute 2 – 15 burpees

Minute 3 – 10 Superman holds

Repeat x4!!

Always remember to do quality reps and take care of your posture and technique.

5 Full Body Home Workouts in 20 Minutes – HIIT

We’ve all been there. You get home after a long day in the office, or you are working from home during the stay at home orders, and feel the need of burning quite a few calories in the less possible time to earn that very much deserves Netflix break….

Luckily! We’ve made the homework for you and came up with a few workouts to burn calories and feel more accomplished after a long day of work.

My lovely wife Sofia and myself have been trying some of these out at night once our baby girl if finally asleep.

1 – 20 Minute FULL BODY Home HIIT | The Body Coach TV

I love this guy. This is one of the best options out there with TONS of videos for full body workouts at home or on the road, low impact circuits, little to no equipment, etc.

Check out The Body Coach TV youtube channel here

2 – Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout – 20 Minute HIIT Workout at Home

Here is another very popular one (14M views and counting!!)

You can even find the printable routine and calorie burn info in the links of the video.

Check out Fitness Blender youtube channel here

3 – Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute Bike Workout

Do you own an indoor bike? great then! check this one out. Like they say, lets get hot, wet and fit! 20′ workout with additional 5′ warm up and down. They’re youtube channel is in this link

4 – 20 Min Home HIIT Workout

No equipment, no noise, no impact. But don’t worry still a lot of sweat! Follow Natasha’s youtube channel here for some more great workouts and fat burning HIIT

5 – 20 Minute HIIT Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment – Full Body HIIT Workout No Equipment at Home

20 MIN / 300 Calories sounds like a good deal to me. Some more impact on this routine so make sure this is appropriate for you.

You can always make changes to some of the exercises to avoid injures and to make sure this fit your specific needs! if you are doing any of these HIIT you probable already have an idea of what works for you and what doesn’t

Did you find any other that fit your needs better? let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for watching

Michigan Stay at Home Order Extended until May 15th

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Gov Gretchen Whitmer has signed today at 11 am the extension of the Stay at Home order but relaxed some of the restrictions

  • Stay at Home order extended through May 15th
  • Some outdoor activities like Golf and Boating are now permitted within social distancing protocols
  • People are allowed to travel between 2 homes they own in the state
  • Residents are required to wear face coverings when they enter enclosed public spaces, and requires employers to provide at least cloth face coverings to employees

Through Thursday, Michigan had reported more than 35,000 COVID-19 cases and almost 3,000 deaths

“Social distancing is our best weapon to defeat this enemy,” Whitmer said in a statement. The Governor became under fire by some Michigan residents and Republican Lawmakers for being too harsh and restrictive in her lockdown measures, and looks to gain some support by the state as she has been mentioned as a potential candidate for Vice President along with Joe Biden

Here is a link to a copy of Gov Whitmer’s latest stay-at-home order

The order also:

  • Allows certain businesses that had been closed, like plant nurseries and bicycle repair shops, to reopen, but under social distancing guidelines.
  • Permits some outdoor activities, including motorized boating and golf, to resume, though the use of golf carts still is prohibited.
  • Says businesses which had been restricted or closed because they were deemed to provide nonessential items to reopen, but only for curbside pickup or delivery. And it allows large retailers to reopen certain parts of their stores, like their garden centers or paint sections.
  • Allows employees of landscaping businesses, lawn care operations and pest control businesses to return to work, subject to social distancing rules and limits on sharing tools and maintaining distances between workers and customers.
  • Requires, rather than encourages, Michiganders shopping in close spaces to wear masks or other face coverings as long as it wouldn’t otherwise put them at any risk to do so. There would be no criminal penalty, however, for failing to wear a face covering under the order, though violations of other parts of its requirements could be a misdemeanor. Stores could refuse to serve someone not wearing a face covering, as well.

More information can be found at Detroit Free Press

Nature Treasure Box – Montessori Activity for Toddlers

Montessory Pedagogy is all about exploring and sensorial learning. This one is a great option as you can go to any park with your toddler, pick the best nature themed objects and bring them back home to your Nature Treasure Box. You can even make it a seasonal activity by changing the box with the arrival of a new season (the Spring Box, the Christmas Box, etc)

Remember activities with Toddlers only last for a few minutes so make sure to change it up from time to time, add or remove objects, and always revisit every day or so!

Safety First! Always make sure to pick appropriate sized objects, avoid any sharp or pointy items and check before bringing any uninvited guests home (i.e. termites, bugs, etc).

Happy Hunting!

6 Tummy Time Activities for Babies 0-8 Months Old

Tummy time is a big step in babies development. Its the first stage for the movements that will follow (army crawl, crawling, walking and on!).

This stage helps our little ones strengthen their necks and core, become aware and curious of the world surrounding them and encourages them to start moving.

Always make sure to supervise all activities and never leave your kid alone while trying new ideas.

1 – Paint in a zip-lock

Put different colors of any kind of paint (acrylic/tempera/etc) inside a strong ziplock and make sure the bag is secured.

A good option is to go for primary colors. Babies can start realizing the differences between each and will be interested at the texture of the bag and the reaction of the paint as they make pressure and colors start mixing.

If your baby is starting to move you can place the bag a bit out of reach to encourage them to go get it. Avoid them getting frustrated but always try to challenge them a bit for them to become stronger and more aware day by day!

2 – Pictures and Images of the world

Babies love to see other babies making faces, animals, objects, etc. You can get images from any magazine, pictures of the family, or books.

Always try and opt for real images to benefit the perception of the real world instead of abstract images or drawings.

3 – Bubble-wrap mat

Get any kind of size of bubble wrap (big bubbles is a good choice) and cut a portion of 15-20 in. Ideally secure it to the floor

Use it as a mat and make sure you supervise the activity to avoid any chocking hazards. Your baby will enjoy the texture of this activity and even the sound it makes.

As a variation you can place your baby facing up and he will love kicking and hitting the improvised mat

4 – Plastic Mirror

Place a small mirror on the carpet or on a mat on the floor and allow you baby to investigate and look at herself. You can put it in different places and also allow her to see you in the reflection.

The mirror helps to develop self recognition, making faces and movements and is a great sensorial and social activity for your baby.

5 – Sound and Color Plastic Jars Maracas

You can buy some plastic jars at any art store and fill them with different kinds of rocks, stones, color beads, anything that is colorful and makes a sound

Safety First!! Because of the tiny pieces always make sure to secure the jar lid and ideally glue it together to avoid any kind of choking hazard.

6 – Create your own sensorial mat

Use different fabric leftovers, an old glove, silk, wool, bubble wrap, eva rubber, frieze, etc to create your own textures mat and allow your little one to feel and investigate.

These are just a few simple ideas to help your little one explore the world, what other ideas did you think of?

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5 Easy Activities for Toddlers during Lockdown

We all know the high amounts of energy toddlers and kids in general have, and it is key that we help them canalize this into activities that they can use to stay busy and develop cognitive, motricity and sensorial areas of their brains

Below you will find some ideas you can try with alternative materials that hopefully you have in your houses or are easy to find.

**Safety First** Please keep in mind you have to be present during these activities as you might be using materials not necessarily design for kids. Always practice Safety first!

1 – Shaving Cream / Hair Gel

You need to choose an area of the house where your kids can do some extent of controlled chaos and let them explore the sensations of this activity, the smell and feeling. Always careful with the eyes and mouth.

You can spray on the table, or a pan and let them play and touch

Variation A = As an alternative you can add some toys or utensils (spoon, spatula, etc)

Variation B = For some other time you can add tempera so they can also play with the colors, and they can finger print in a piece of paper or use a foam brush

2 – Crepe Paper pull activity

Cut 4 ft long stretches of each color of the crepe paper rolls and using some painters tape you can tie it from a string, and hang the string in a safe area.

First we can walk through the crepe curtain, feeling the texture of the paper. Name the colors aloud (repetition is the best way to introduce and motivate talking!)

Then we can pull from each piece, cutting the paper, tying it around the dog (at least that was our variation :))

Variation A = You can use the left overs to do belts, wristbands, ankle bands, etc

Variation B = Also we can use the leftovers for dancing and playing around

3 – Contact paper in the window

Use painters tape to hold a 16 x 24 piece of Contact paper from the window, sticky side facing outward.

Different materials you can use to stick (your toddler will love unsticking them):

*Crepe paper balls
*Light toys
*Lightweight plastic balls
*Different pieces of fabric (variations in texture and colors)
*Pictures of real animals or family members (remember to say the name aloud!)
*Leaves and sticks from the garden, dry flowers, etc.
*Finger animals puppets

4 – Pull Post-it from window

Use post its of different colors and just stick them to the window, you can draw things on them or numbers and read them allow. You kid will enjoy pulling them and by placing them in different areas of the window they will need to stretch or try to get further, which helps them develop their motricity

Alternative A = use painters tape to stick light toys to the window

5 – Water in a Plastic Container

Put a tiny bit of warm water in a big tupper or container and let your kid explore and splash

Then add some toys inside and they can play a bit more. Add measure cups, kitchen utensils, spoons, etc. Baby dolls and give them a bath with a sponge.

Remember to place a water resistant mat below, or if weather is nice you can move outside!

What activities worked for your kids? how did you improve or tweak these ideas?

A VUCA world for ours kids, too

Our kids are born to a VUCA world = Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

We as parents are expected to raise our kids to something we don’t even really understand ourselves.
As always, as parents, we are supposed to give them tools to navigate this new world rather than just doing it for them.

The best way of making our kids thrive in the future uncertain world is to create environments where they can safely practice and play and do the experiments they need today

With this blog we expect to share what we have learned and also feedback to our learning too, so we can keep the flow going to our little ones.

By no means this blog is perfect, we are sharing what we know with all its flaws and we hope that by reading this you do it better than we did. We are not inventing anything, most of what we post we learned or read somewhere else and maybe twiked it a bit. We hope you do too!

About us

My wife Sofia and I (Leo) are from Argentina and we’ve been together for almost 10 years now. She a kindergarten teacher, myself a Sales Manager, we lived in Buenos Aires for a while, then Monterrey Mexico, then Kentucky and now Michigan.

More than anything we enjoy travelling and we’ve been to Europe, Asia and the Americas.

But everything changed in 2019 when our baby girl Aitana was born. I had no idea how to change a diaper or even hold a baby, but you learn that during the first 24-48 hours right? Nurses will make sure you do.

After that its been our pleasure and also our sacrifice to try to give everything to our girl and from even the first days try to give her the tools to navigate this world. We will touch more on that on the other posts.

I can not tell you how much I’ve learned about being a father. Its something they don’t prepare you for and then all of a sudden you are holding your heart outside your chest and worry about anything going wrong.

But I was lucky enough to be married to the most amazing person I know. My wife thought me everything and makes me a better father day by day. Not only she gives all she has for our baby girl, but she makes me understand why we do what we do. For me it was very interesting to understand that kids learn through their games, so its key that we give them the appropriate games to develop their skills from the earliest possible stage.

We hope you find what you are looking for in our blog and make us also better parents. In the end the world will be our kids and we hope its a better one than today’s.
It’s on us to help them build that world!