5 Full Body Home Workouts in 20 Minutes – HIIT

We’ve all been there. You get home after a long day in the office, or you are working from home during the stay at home orders, and feel the need of burning quite a few calories in the less possible time to earn that very much deserves Netflix break….

Luckily! We’ve made the homework for you and came up with a few workouts to burn calories and feel more accomplished after a long day of work.

My lovely wife Sofia and myself have been trying some of these out at night once our baby girl if finally asleep.

1 – 20 Minute FULL BODY Home HIIT | The Body Coach TV

I love this guy. This is one of the best options out there with TONS of videos for full body workouts at home or on the road, low impact circuits, little to no equipment, etc.

Check out The Body Coach TV youtube channel here

2 – Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout – 20 Minute HIIT Workout at Home

Here is another very popular one (14M views and counting!!)

You can even find the printable routine and calorie burn info in the links of the video.

Check out Fitness Blender youtube channel here

3 – Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute Bike Workout

Do you own an indoor bike? great then! check this one out. Like they say, lets get hot, wet and fit! 20′ workout with additional 5′ warm up and down. They’re youtube channel is in this link

4 – 20 Min Home HIIT Workout

No equipment, no noise, no impact. But don’t worry still a lot of sweat! Follow Natasha’s youtube channel here for some more great workouts and fat burning HIIT

5 – 20 Minute HIIT Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment – Full Body HIIT Workout No Equipment at Home

20 MIN / 300 Calories sounds like a good deal to me. Some more impact on this routine so make sure this is appropriate for you.

You can always make changes to some of the exercises to avoid injures and to make sure this fit your specific needs! if you are doing any of these HIIT you probable already have an idea of what works for you and what doesn’t

Did you find any other that fit your needs better? let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for watching

No Equipment? No problem Workout at Home in 12 min – HIIT

Not everyone has time or the equipment to workout at home. As an Expat dad either working from home during the stay at home order in Michigan. Or traveling to Mexico or back to Argentina, I had to find some other resources just to make sure I stay active and fit!

The one below has become handy in a few situations and is one of my favorites so far from http://www.menshealth.com. With this one you can rock your whole body as a high intensity interval training

Make sure you have a timer with you. One minute to do the move and the remainder of it to rest until the next minute !

The faster you hit your reps the more you rest. In 12 minutes you’ll be done

Minute 1 – 15 air squats

Minute 2 – 15 burpees

Minute 3 – 10 Superman holds

Repeat x4!!

Always remember to do quality reps and take care of your posture and technique.